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Architectural Review

What the Architectural Review Committee Does for You
Are you getting ready to make an addition to your house, change the paint color of your front door, build a new shed or fence in your back yard, or redesign your landscaping with xeriscape?  Make sure to get your plans approved by the Association's Architectural Review Committee (ARC).
The ARC looks out for the entire community.  It is the committee's job to make sure the size and style of the project, the type of building materials being used, and the overall look of the new structure are in compliance with the association's design requirements.  This keeps the community looking cohesive, and helps to keep property values up by preventing individual structures from standing out.  Please note that unapproved structures might legally need to be removed at the owner's expense.
We appreciate the hard work residents do to make their homes and this community beautiful - help us keep this association looking great by keeping us in the loop for all your building and landscape projects.
Visit ARC on the dropdown menu for submittal forms and additional information.