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~ Sonterra Patrol

Types of Service Provided by the Sonterra Patrol
Adding Temporary Guests and Contractors
If you are expecting a visitor or contractor please call the Sonterra Control Center at 210-490-1158 prior to their arrival. Control can add a temporary guest for a 48 hour period. By adding the guest to your list in advance you will eliminate the need for control to call you to verify guests and this will expedite the
entry process.
Adding A Guest Permanently
Residents can call the Property Owner’s Association (POA) at 210-490-9481 to add a guest or contractor to their permanent list. Control cannot add guests permanently.
Resident Callbox Codes
 The Property Owner’s Association can add your name to the gate entry callbox .  A 3 digit code will be assigned and it will ring directly to your home or cell phone number. Encourage your guests and contractors to use your code at the entry gate, rather than contacting control, to expedite entry.
Identification After Dark Check
Patrol will stop individuals walking on Sonterra streets after dark. Sonterra Patrol will confirm the individual(s) as residents or verify the validity of their presence.
Unsecured Vehicles
Residents will be notified for vehicles clearly unsecured - windows are open, doors open, tailgates open, valuables are visible, etc. If Control is unable to contact the resident a courtesy slip will be left on the vehicle.
Denied Entry
Sonterra Control verifies guests and contractors that call from gate entry callboxes for access. If control cannot verify their right to access they will need to leave until a resident verifies them with Control. A denied entry form is completed for anyone denied entry.
Contractor Hours
Contractor hours are:  November 0700-1800 (7am-6pm) December-February 0700-1700 (7am-5pm) March 0700-1800 (7am-6 pm) and April-October 0700-1830 (7am-6:30pm) No contractors are permitted to work on Sundays or holidays unless it is an emergency. Saturday contractor hours are from 0800-1700 (8am-5pm). If contractors are seen or reported working after hours for non-emergencies the contractor will be escorted off property. Residents are encouraged to contact the Sonterra Control Center or the POA to add contractors to their temporary access list.
Away From Home Requests
Upon the residents’ request, Sonterra Control can monitor a resident’s home while away. Please call Control for arrangements and provide the necessary information.
Parties with 50 or more people in attendance require notification to Sonterra Control. The resident will be responsible for the cost of providing a control officer at the entrance to the subdivision to allow the guests access and manage the entry traffic increase.
Broken Irrigation/Sprinkler
Control will attempt to notify a resident of broken sprinklers to ensure the resident is aware and minimize water loss. In the event they are unable to reach the resident, the location of the broken sprinkler will be flagged and a courtesy slip left on the front door.
Garage Doors
If Sonterra Control notices an open garage door, they attempt to notify the resident. A courtesy slip will be left at the house if unable to contact the resident.
EMS, Fire Dept. and SAPD Sonterra Control is dispatched any time EMS, Fire Dept., or SAPD is seen entering the subdivision. When the control center receives a call from any of these agencies they are given access without delay.
Gate and Callbox Malfunctions
When a gate or callbox malfunction occurs Sonterra control will be dispatched to the gate and will remain there to assist residents and guests gain access until it is repaired. Control will call Sonterra Maintenance to repair the malfunction.
18 Wheelers
Sonterra Control is dispatched to escort 18 wheelers into the subdivisions to make sure no damages occur to Sonterra property.
House Alarms
Sonterra Control can be listed as a contact when residents set up their alarm service. If an alarm goes off the resident and Control are notified. Control will be dispatched to the address of the alarm. They will do a perimeter check of the property and wait for SAPD to arrive. Control will contact the resident. If no contact is made a courtesy slip will be left as notification of the event. Control will not enter the resident’s home.
Gate Runners
Control will be dispatched if a vehicle is seen entering without being verified. They will locate the gate runner vehicle and verify them. If a vehicle enters through the exit gate, control will locate that vehicle, verify them, and escort them off property.  Instructions on how to use the callbox will be provided.
Solicitors are not permitted on Sonterra property. If a solicitor is seen entering or a resident reports a solicitor in their subdivision, Control will be dispatched and escort the solicitor off Sonterra property.
Packages and Newspapers
Sonterra Control is not permitted to accept or hold packages for anyone. If you are going out of town please arrange for mail/packages, etc. to be held.  If patrol notices a house with visible packages they will move the items out of view.
Parking Violations
Sonterra Control will enforce parking restrictions to ensure emergency vehicles can get through. If a vehicle is facing oncoming traffic, parked on the curb, parked on the sidewalk, or parked on the grass, Control will try to locate the owner and have it moved. If they are unable to locate the owner there will be a courtesy slip left on the vehicle.
On Street Parking Overnight
Sonterra residents are not permitted to park vehicles on the street between the hours of 10 pm - 6 am. Control will issue a citation for a resident vehicle parked on the street overnight. 
Sonterra Decals
Residents are required to have a Sonterra decal on the front and back of all vehicles they own.  A ticket will be issued by Control if a resident vehicle does not have Sonterra decals.
Property Managers
You must contact the POA at 210-490-9481 to designate a Property Manager, or any other person/organization, as your property manager. You must indicate the extent to which they are authorized to act on your behalf (change/add guest list, oversee renovation, etc.).
Questions or Complaint Calls
Sonterra Control will answer all complaints and concerns brought to our attention.  If you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary please call the Sonterra Control Center at 210-490-1158 to report.